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About Enzo

We started from a small scale garment factory since 1993, based in Johor, mainly in design and manufacturing corporate T’shirt uniform, oem for brands, and supply consignment in hypermarket. However, we didn’t stop our step, we keep moving forward to strive for excellence product. Our primary goal is to be the leader in T’shirt uniform and casual wear market with outstanding quality. Driven by this vision, we turn into distribution and retail by creating our own brands “ENZO”. 

ENZO established in year 2009, keep large quantity of ready made T’shirt in wide range of colors to meet customer’s urgent need. Our products range is including t’shirt uniform, F1 shirt uniform, sportwear, muslimah, track bottom and caps. Start from Malaysia, Enzo is now distribute in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia as well. 

Customer Service Hotline  :   07-4348989

Email  :  ienzo@hotmail.my / ienzosales@gmail.com

Operation Hour  :   Monday to Friday: 08:30 am- 05:30  pm  /  Saturday: 08:30 am -  02:00 pm

Made In Malaysia


Apart from forecasting the latest trend on style, colors and pattern, Enzo strives for continuous improvement on product quality and innovation. In order to gain competive advantage in quality control over each steps in manufacturing process , we insist to produce all the apparel 100% locally instead of import. 

- Our products is designed and developed by our local designer and production expert as we believe Malaysian know what does Malaysian need better. 

- We adapt modernise manufacturing facility and equipment to reduce human error and improve delivery reliability.

- We continously communicate and work together with our textile supplier to develop more comfortable and durable textile.

- Local production allow flexible restocking, and shorten restock duration.

Support Enzo, support Buatan Malaysia.